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Soul and Justice in the works of Plato, Aristotle and Epicurus Essay

Soul and Justice in progress of Plato, Aristotle and Epicurus - Essay Example This paper examines that Plato (428-347 BC) characterized the soul’s parts as hunger, soul, and reason. A fair society would likewise have this structure: the beneficial (laborer) class (craving some portion of the spirit); the defensive (warrior) class (soul part of the spirit); and the overseeing (administering) class (reason some portion of the spirit). Singular equity would comprise of the hunger some portion of the spirit complying with the explanation part, with the guide of the soul part of the spirit. Any deviation from this request would bring about a low individual or society. Equity to Plato implied amicability with each satisfying his job. Plato’s perfect city was implied as a model for a person to set up the legislature of their spirit. Aristotle (384-322 BC), an understudy of Plato, presents his hypothesis of the spirit in â€Å"De Anima†. Soul is the spiritual pith or life-power of a living thing, indivisible from the body and existing as the reaso n for the body’s development and of its end. Spirits have various parts that various types of spirits may contain. Plants have spirits furnishing them with sustenance and generation. Creatures have spirits that likewise empower movement and contrasting quantities of faculties. People have this in addition to judicious soul, which has two sections: the conceivable acumen, holding all the potential musings; and the operator astuteness, bringing genuine considerations into act. The brain (specialist acumen some portion of the spirit) is insignificant and can't be ruined; in this way the psyche is undying. Equity to Aristotle was a character quality or ethicalness (Aristotle, trans. 1934, Book V). Simply individuals are the individuals who look for a considerable amount and adhere to the law. Aristotle recognized two kinds of equity: distributive equity, where assets must be disseminated similarly; and rectificatory equity, where individual exchanges must be reasonable and equiva lent. While Plato put together his thoughts of equity with respect to the perfect city and great, Aristotle saw equity all the more for all intents and purposes as being fairness in exchanges. Plato offered us one perfect vision of an ideal city and equity; conversely, Aristotle thought a few guidelines of equity were appointed naturally, however those made by men fluctuated between places. Both Aristotle and Plato saw equity as concordance in cultural associations. Epicurus (341-270 BC) takes the spirit and everything aside from the void to be made of iotas moving in a limitless universe. His â€Å"Letter to Herodotus† (Epicurus, trans. 1996) clarifies mental capacity because of development of specific neural particles. The spirit is physical; nothing is ethereal aside from void space. Epicurus instructed that the spirit closes with death of the body and no longer has awareness. To Epicurus, equity is a consent to neither damage nor be hurt, an understanding that individuals esteem helpful. Helpfulness,

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Classroom Environment and Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Homeroom Environment and Education - Essay Example Rules and desires are clear and predictable set approaches that oversee the everyday understudy's practices laying out the desire and accomplishment from the learning procedure. Also, these approaches issue the understudies with steps to embrace certain assignments in the class. The ideal class condition requires the educators and related proficient need to define decides and strategies that give the understudy a job towards understanding the approaches in a positive manner, which in the long run help them to comprehend their desires in like manner. Besides, cruel standards just occupy the students’ feelings that read to the negative perspective on the learning procedure, which require the requirement for a legitimate strategy making process.Schedules are the time-arranged timetable set for the understudies for the learning of different modules. The timetable ought to be with the end goal that it permits understudies to have plentiful time to mingle, which in the long run impr oves their social abilities. Subsequently, this prompts a class domain that offers both scholarly information and encourages the social abilities of the understudies. Social abilities assume a compelling job in the taking in process from the improved interest, certainty, correspondence, and participation aptitudes of students.Routines and techniques are the set rules for understudies to follow while in class. The ideal study hall condition is met by guaranteeing that the educator defines clear and illustrative schedules and methods that the understudies are required to follow.... urthermore, unforgiving guidelines just divert the students’ feelings that read to the negative view to the learning procedure, which require the requirement for an appropriate strategy making process including the understudies concerns suitably. Calendars are the time-arranged timetable set for the understudies for the learning of different modules. The timetable ought to be to such an extent that it permits understudies to have adequate time to mingle, which in the end improves their social aptitudes. Subsequently, this prompts a class situation that offers both scholarly information and encourage the social abilities of the understudies. Social aptitudes assume a persuasive job in the taking in process from the improved interest, certainty, correspondence, and participation abilities of understudies. Schedules and systems are the set rules for understudies to follow while in class. The ideal study hall condition is met by guaranteeing that the educator plans clear and infor mative schedules and strategies that the understudies are relied upon to follow. Also, the techniques ought to summon a feeling of positive acknowledgment inside the understudies to empower the understudy feel that their feelings are sincerely thought of. The schedules for recording and presenting the assignments ought to incorporate clear directions and the dates for accommodation, which stays away from the debilitation that the understudy gets when a task is dismissed due to late accommodation. Study hall atmosphere alludes to the sentiment of the understudies, either genuinely, sincerely or both, in a homeroom. The instructor ought not bring out boosts among the understudies and ought to guarantee that all the understudies in a class feel a feeling of uplifting mentality concerning the incorporation in the learning procedure. An ideal homeroom atmosphere guarantees that it offers backing to the understudies

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Is Your Relationship Headed for Marriage

Is Your Relationship Headed for Marriage Relationships Spouses & Partners Print Is Your Relationship Headed for Marriage? If only you could read his mind! By Marni Feuerman Marni Feuerman is a psychotherapist in private practice who has been helping couples with marital issues for more than 27 years. Learn about our editorial policy Marni Feuerman Updated on May 28, 2019 Cultura RM Exclusive / Twinpix / Getty Images More in Relationships Spouses & Partners Marital Problems LGBTQ Violence and Abuse So you’re in love and you believe you found “the one.”  Your relationship has been humming along quite nicely. Even your parents like him! You think enough time has gone by. Not to mention, several holidays too. Holidays with perfect opportunities for gifts. But, still no ring. It can be hard to tell if your relationship is headed for marriage. You may not want to rock the boat with such a serious conversation. But at the same time, you certainly don’t want to waste your time.   Tell-Tale Signs He Might Be the One 1. He references the future, with you included and does so often! Gone are the ifs. Its not if we do this or that, it becomes when we do this or that. Whether it is planning a vacation, purchasing a home, or attending a friend’s wedding next year, it is obvious that you are on his mind. He is no longer thinking about his singlehood but what it will be like as a permanent couple. He has communicated in both words and behaviors that you have a future together. 2. He asks your opinion on important life decisions. Things are no longer viewed as only impacting him alone. If he is offered a job in another state or he is not sure what to do about his ailing grandmother, he seeks out your input. It becomes a discussion and not a unilateral decision. 3. You are always welcome at family gatherings and he attends most of yours as well. His family accepts you and yours accept him.  It seems like a natural fit. Its a bonus if his mother always asks if you’re coming and is disappointed if you arent.   4. He is still around even though you have hit a few rough patches. Maybe you lost your job, experienced an extended illness or broke your leg.  He was right there with emotional support. He maybe even offered financial support (which, of course, you didnt take), but it made you feel secure. Or perhaps you had a nasty episode of PMS or had a big blow-up over something. If he still didnt bail, chances are hes not ever going to.   5. He demonstrates that he believes in marriage and is not fearful of making such a life-long commitment. Its a really optimistic sign if he has a positive attitude towards intimacy and commitment. He is thoughtful about marriage, wont jump in or rush, but at the same time is more than willing to take the risk on love if it feels right.   6. You have a lot in common, including a few weird or quirky things. You might have a similar sense of humor or a particular habit that you both do. It seems as if you both really get each other.   7. The dead giveaway: you overhear him asking someone about diamonds or he starts to notice or comment on other womens engagement rings!  If this happens, he is definitely thinking about proposing and chances are sooner rather than later. You do want to be patient. Seeing all or some of these signs should help you know deep down that this guy isn’t going anywhere. There’s no reason to take the romance out of the process by being pushy or always starting up conversations about your future. Alternatively, if you have been patient and you either do not see these signs or worse, he has been inconsistent in his behavior, it is time to have a sit-down talk. You will have to take a risk about expressing your feelings and check in with his. You may end up heartbroken. However, you do not want to invest any more time and energy into a relationship that is not headed for marriage if that is your goal.

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The Values Of Social Work - 2271 Words

My aspiration is to pursue social work as a career has progressed over my lifetime. It is the core values of social work that inspire me to want to be a social worker. It is my desire to enable all people of all ages gain, equality and empowerment for a better life. I believe that viewing an individual in their environment and as a whole human being is what can make a difference in the lives of people. It is my desire to help others, to be the person who can help make a difference in the lives of those in need. In service, I want to give back to our communities, in particular families with children. I have the desire and have retained the passion to work and advocate for families and children. My qualities of empathy and compassion will allow me to work with families. I believe in, treating every member with dignity, while recognizing the worth of each individual. I understand that families can be complex and keeping families together is very important for healthy child development . Pursuing my Master of Social Work (MSW)’s degree is a large step on my continuing journey to deliver social work ethics with integrity. Having the Master’s in Social Work will greatly increase my competence in the field as a social worker, where I will make a difference. Having to learn how to overcome my own personal challenges has helped me build character. I have developed characteristics that will help me in the social work profession. Characteristics like empathy and compassion forShow MoreRelatedPersonal Values And Social Work Values1443 Words   |  6 Pages..................................................................................................... 3 NASW CODE OF ETHICS..................................................................................................3-4 PERSONAL VALUES VS SOCIAL WORK VALUES.......................................................4 ETHICAL REASONING.....................................................................................................5 AMBIGUITY IN RESOLVING CONFLICT..........................Read MorePersonal Values In Social Work785 Words   |  4 Pages Values were a huge part of my childhood and show a large part in my lifet today, as they support my thoughts and actions. As a social work student I have to question my personal morals, opinions and ethics as these will have a large impact on my performance as a expert. My private values are consistent to the values of social work, which is the motive as to why I have chosen a career in a social care. These values are self - determination to promote social justice, being kind and accommodating towardRead MoreValues And Ethics Of Social Work904 Words   |  4 Pages Values and ethics are important in the field of social work because they serve as guidelines for behavior and conduct. What is social work exactly? A very simple and brief response is helping those in need and providing said persons with resources they could not attain on their own. It’s always aspiring to educate one’s self on new resources, information and newly developed theories. This is more than a career; this is a decision that makes one question the direction of their moral compass. PhilosopherRead MoreValues Ethics in Social Work 1298 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessional values in the ‘British Association of Social Work’ (BASW). With this the concepts of ethics and how this operates in social work practice and analyse the general role in governing and representatives bodies in social work practice†. Values are described as set of rules and guides in the right and wrong decisions we make. Values facilitates the decisions in recognising what is worthy and valuable, with this, weighs out the important and less important, when there is a conflict of values. EthicsRead MoreVALUES IN SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE1611 Words   |  7 Pageswhat part values play in social work practice, one of the first things to understand is what our values are, Thompson (2000) states that One of the significant features of values is that we tend to become so accustomed to our own values and beliefs that we do not recognise that they are there or how they are influencing us. An important step, then, is to be clear about what our values are. Thompson (2000,pp33) I will discuss both the personal and professional values that influence social work practiceRead MoreValues In Social Work Essay1051 Words   |  5 PagesMy Helpful Values to Practice Social Work The values that are important in my life will give support in social work. My belief in God is an important value that gives inner peace and harmony. A peaceful demeanor will help my future clients to feel comfortable while working with them. Moreover, my faith shows ways to live life according to the instructions in the bible. Reading the bible shows that every person is extraordinary and irreplaceable. Therefore, it demonstrates that every person deservesRead MorePersonal Values And Social Work1049 Words   |  5 Pagesyou became interested in social work and why you chose social work as a major. – I became interested in social work when my next door neighbor kids where not well taking proper care of. When they come to my house and the look in their eyes when they had to go back home and live with being yelled at and not getting feed or cleaned on the regular. I knew then that I had wanted to help kids and not only kids but older adults. 2. Explain and discuss your personal values, as well as who and/or whatRead MoreThe Core Values Of Social Work1011 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout this course we learned the foundation of Social Work, how it began and how eventually it branched out. The importance of Social Policies, Social Justice, meeting all human needs and understanding the core ethical values of Social Work. We learned how it all began with the church, we can even go further back to the Native Americans and Pilgrim times. Where the first display of Social Work took place then and there, we were able to learn that with Edwin in his first Presentation that gaveRead MoreThe Core Value Of Social Work1025 Words   |  5 PagesThe first core value of social work is service. The purpose of service is to simply help those in need. It is our duty to find the help and support that individuals need in order to function properly, both individually and socially. Social workers have the ability to see potential in individua ls and it is our job to help individuals find that potential. It is also our duty to address social issues. In order to do provide the services needed for individuals, social workers must use their own sourceRead MoreSocial Work Values And Ethics1441 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: Social Work Values and Ethics 1 Social Work Values and Ethics Unique to the Profession Jessica A. Rosario Arizona State University Social Work Values and Ethics 2 Abstract The history and evolution of social work dates to the late 1800’s. Since the profession was recognized many concerns arose regarding the values and ethics of social workers. The key points of the

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Theme Of Myrrha And Cinyras - 1007 Words

In Sophocles, â€Å"Oedipus The King† and Ovid’s Metamorphoses: â€Å"Myrrha Cinyras†, both main characters were struck by tragedy. The characters of Oedipus (Oedipus The King) and Myrrha (Metamorphoses: â€Å"Myrrha Cinyras†) each were faced with terrible outcomes at the end of the two pieces of literature. Both Myrrha and Oedipus suffered tragic fates. However, Myrrha’s desire led to her downfall, while Oedipus had no control and was destined for a tragic life before birth. Myrrha’s character in â€Å"Myrrha and Cinyras† dealt with an emotional battle with her desire of Cinyras, her father, throughout the story, resulted in her tragic death. She was faced with an immoral dilemma of wanting her father as her lover. She goes back and forth in her†¦show more content†¦When the priest says, â€Å"You came to Thebes, you freed us from the tax we paid with our lives to that rasping Singer...we need now the great power men e verywhere know you possess. Find some way to protect us†(41-50), it exhibits how great of a leader and hero he was to the city. The deeper he searched for the man to end this plague, however, the more horrid it got. The more information he received, he began to connect the pieces from his past. Not only did he figure out the man he killed on the path was king Laios, but it was his biological father. His fear of the prophecy that the oracle told him was becoming true. play gets even more tragic as he realizes that the queen he had four children with was his mother, who kill herself before he finds the truth. Oedipus gauged his eyes outs after seeing her dead body. Oedipus was blinded from the truth his entire life. When he finally learned the truth about himself, it blinds him. Myrrha’s tragic fate was due to her desires. Her passion and lust for her father led to her death. While she did show signs of regret and was hesitant to get into the bed with her drunk father after the nurse’s manipulation worked, the lines from 564-566 prove otherwise. The lines state, â€Å"Filled with the seed of her father, she left his bedchamber having already conceived, in a crime against nature, which she repeated the following night and thereafter†(564-566), demonstrates that she did not regret herShow MoreRelated Ovids Devaluation of Sympathy in Metamorphoses Essay1777 Words   |  8 PagesMetamorphoses  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   Ovid reveals two similar tales of incest in the Metamorphoses. First, he describes the non-sisterly love Byblis acquires for her twin brother Caunus. Later, he revisits the incestuous love theme with the story of Myrrha who develops a non-filial love for her father, Cinyras. The two accounts hold many similarities and elicit varying reactions. Ovid constantly tugs at our emotions and draws forth alternating feelings of pity and disgust for the matters at hand. Repetition with a

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The Great Influenza Essay Free Essays

The Great Influenza is an account of the 1918 flu epidemic written by John M. Barry. Barry writes about scientists and their research of the great epidemic that killed thousands of people. We will write a custom essay sample on The Great Influenza Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now John M. Barry uses many rhetorical strategies in his story to characterize scientific research. He also uses descriptive words to help the reader envision the story. Barry uses repetition to convey his point across to the reader about scientific research. Barry talks about the certainty and uncertainty in the field of science throughout his accounts, â€Å"Certainty creates strength. Certainty gives one something upon which to lean†. By using repetition, Barry is able to instill the ideas he has about the field of science to the reader over and over again. Not only does he talk about the certainties in life, but the uncertainties as well, â€Å"Uncertainty creates weakness. Uncertainty makes one tentative if not fearful, and tentative steps, even when in the right direction, may not overcome significant obstacles†. By using the strategy of repetition, the reader gets a real sense of how the author feels about certain subjects. Barry’s use of descriptive words allows the audience to further understand his purpose of the challenges of experiments and the qualities that come from it. In describing the decisions that scientists must make, Barry describes work as â€Å"grunt† and â€Å"tedious. Through these words the reader realizes that a scientist does experience a complicated workload. He also uses words such as â€Å"strength† and â€Å"courage† in order to describe the characteristics that are needed to overcome the uncertainty that is so common in science. While describing a scientist’s journey into the â€Å"unknown,† Barry uses words such as â€Å"wilderness† and â€Å"frontier† which fu rther illustrate the uncertainties mentioned. Barry also describes a researcher as someone who paves ways for everyone else. Research is so much more, it leaves roads for so many other things; that’s why is has to be so precise and accurate. â€Å"A single step can also take one off a cliff. † Barry says this in the passage to show the preciseness of science. One mistake can lead to so many problems for everything else, but it can also lead to something new. John M. Barry uses many rhetorical strategies to portray his views of scientific research. He explains the certainty and uncertainty of a scientist to overcome the hardship of their work. How to cite The Great Influenza Essay, Essay examples

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Marketing Strategy Development Woolworths

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy Development Woolworths. Answer: Introduction: Marketing can be learnt in a day but it takes a whole lifetime to master it. Be it a multinational giant or a modest start up, an effective marketing strategy is a crucial road guide for the business enterprise as a whole. An organization can promote its policy and objectives by establishing a coherent and well-knit marketing strategy ((NewsComAu, 2017). They can also court the appropriate customers and allocate resources accurately, safeguarding the companys reputation. Bu first it is very important to have a deep insight into the very core of marketing strategy that is the conception as to what marketing strategy is all about. It is the fundamental target of a firm to raise its productivity and acquire sustainable competitive benefit. It incorporates both basic short term and long term plan of actions dealing with the analysis of a initial situation, formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented blue print of a company thereby contributing to the goals of the firm and pu rsuing its marketing objectives. The heart of ones business success is predominantly dependent on its marketing schemes. No matter what the magnitude of the company is, it goes without saying that every enterprise requires a marketing plan comprising of a comprehensive marketing strategy and well-built calendar to stay on track throughout the year and not to undergo any kind of deviation. Moreover, it also helps to achieve a lead in sales. A company devoid of a potent marketing scheme is missing out imperative opportunities. In this context of marketing in the current scenario, it is to be understood that a well-designed and extensive market planning is leading to the expeditious development and expansion of the food retail industry. Such industries stringently adhere to the strictures of fundamental criteria of a sleek marketing plan. Among such retailers and retailing industries, a name, which is sure to gain the limelight, is Australias renowned grocery or supermarket chain, Woolworths Supermarkets exclusively owned by Woolworths limited. Woolworths hinges upon a tactful marketing propaganda and is evidence in itself as to where a constructive and precise marketing scheme can lead an industry. Starting its venture in 1924, initially under the banner of Woolworths Bazaar Ltd, Woolworths has now acquired a worldwide reputation through its prodigious profit margins and a plausible retailing strategy (, 2017) Woolworths has affixed their dominance in the market accounting for about 80% of the total market share, forming a duopoly of supermarkets along with Coles. Hence, this report pen-pictures a brief overview of Woolworths and its operational strategies from a marketing perspective and indulges in briefing its orientation towards the marketing undertakings and the analysis of the marketing mix model both in terms of the 5Cs and 4-7Ps considering the bellwether retailing supermarket Woolworths and its benefactor products (Arli et al. 2013). The meticulous execution of surveys and brand launches and market positioning initiated by Woolworths is an adept marketing instrument, which also requires worth a mention through the following report. Last but not the least it also estimates the contribution of its diverse products in building up the brand reputation for Woolworths in the retail market and recommends certain elements, which can be implemented to rectify the shortcomings along with elaborate justifications of the same. Overview of Woolworths Cherishing a duopoly position in the Australian retail market, Woolworth has reached a pinnacle of success and added an extra feather to its cap by enlisting itself among the top 10 companies of Australia according to the survey conducted by Forbes. Woolworths offer a heterogeneous section of products specializing not only in groceries, which includes vegetables, meat and packaged foods but also in selling magazines, DVDs and stationery products. This subsidiary currently pursues its operation in 980 stores across Australia and quite a few in the global context along with 16 convenience retail stores displaying the same logo but without the name Woolworth (Knox 2014). Headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, some of the stores of Woolworths operate in Victoria under the banner head of Safeway which includes four stores in the rural Victoria zone and three stores in the suburbs of Melbourne. Retaining its supremacy over the business sector for more than 92 years, this eminent reta iling chain continues to swoop higher with an average sale of $33,275 million, a profit range of $ 1,099 million, an asset value of $11,936 million and a mammoth share of market value amounting to $35,489 million (King and Thoebia 2014). Initially trading under the name of Wallworths Bazaar, Woolworths group renamed itself as Woolworths Limited on 22nd September, 1924 taking into account the fact that the initial name was not registered in Australia and Woolworths then had no intention of expanding its business overseas. At the primary stage the shareholders were not keen on investing on the brand for heightening its image but fortune had something else in store for them. As a result, just after the third year of their operation, the share of dividends paid by the company accelerated at a galloping rate from 5% to 50% with efficacious trading practices enticing the shareholders to invest further. Today it has a worldwide acclaim and a global market to deal with and the credit for this solely goes to their sterling marketing approach. Marketing Orientation of Woolworths: Marketing Orientation can be defined as a business model chiefly focusing on the delivery of products devised according to the consumer preferences and requirements adding with it the essence of product functionality and and production orientation or efficiency. The generation of market intelligence organization-wide pertaining to the demands of the consumers at current or future scenario, disseminating intelligence over all the departments and extracting responsiveness from the organizations is a specific quality of marketing orientation. Though initially it concentrated on sale maximization and production cost minimization, with the passage of time and evolution of the marketing outline, they shifted their approach to customer satisfaction (Tennant 2014). They perceived the sales orientation model as an ill-equipped one and began to develop products based on customers insights and opinions. With the brisk advent of Internet technology and e-commerce facilities, the consumers have b ecome the major driving force as far as contemporary marketing orientation is concerned. Now coming to the context of Woolworths, it is distinctly observed that Coles being the primary competitor of the Woolies, jointly dominates almost 80% of the market. Recent marketing tactics helped Woolworths to incur higher percentage of profit in the first half of 2015 with a record sale of 1.8 billion. This enabled it to gain the acclaim of Australias fastest developing liquor and food retailer cleaving itself at the top of the industrial sector. One of the most remarkable moves adopted by Woolworths in the first half of 2013 was the introduction of Aussie Animal Trading Cards, which was a massive point of attraction for the children market. Advertisements displaying discounts on grocery and petrol and products of premium labels and promoted by celebrities also had a positive contribution on its sales. The platform which they choose for their new ventures are more or less targeted. They not only focused on profit maximization but also incorporated welfare interest of the consumer s in their modified approach (Reed and Ireland 2015). They offered a diverse range of commodities assuring cheapest prices and even money back guarantees. Woolworths became the pioneer store in the world to initiate receipt through cash register machines at the leading edge of Australias innovation. Woolworths transition to become explicitly a grocery store saw the emergence of the first Big W store in 1955. In addition to that, its policy of taking over Safeway Australia proved extremely beneficial for their progress as it affixed its name to the Queensland and Victorian stores. Further rebranding in 2008 as Woolworths Supermarkets, lend it a stylized market identity (Flax, Bick and Abratt 2016). In 1987, Woolworths launched the Fresh Food People Campaign which was a USP for the overall brand. Later they replaced their slogan to Australias Fresh Food People for better market segmentation and target positioning. But due to some commercial issues they reintroduced their original slog an of Fresh Food People in 2014 backing up with a brand new commercial lineup. 5 Cs of Woolworths: Company: Woolworths, popularly known as woolies in Australia is a supermarket retailer who has been a preeminent player in the business industry. It has attained a startling level of growth and development in the Australian retail market and across the globe. Numerous factors have played a pivotal role in its surpassing growth, which includes a key marketing campaign, and hence the following strategic analysis report tends to conduct a critical analysis of such plan of actions for Woolworths in an optimistic manner (Ferry, Parton and Cox 2013). The below mentioned evaluation concentrates on estimating the current business blueprint of Woolworths which gives scope for additional recommendations with regard to seeking improvement in its upcoming strategies. SWOT Analysis for Woolworths: SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Market leader in the Aussie retail business chain. Optimum exploitation of market potential with the help of technological and human resources and an impressive presence across the sector. Woolworths attained zero food waste by 2015 by finding cost efficient packaging techniques. WEAKNESSES The setback in the business of Woolworths is the negative impact of external environmental conditions. The government restriction on price hike has also affected the growth curve of the company after the fall of Cole. OPPORTUNITIES The Aussie retail industries are showing great potential as whole by the virtue of computerization and customers inclinations towards retail chains. Woolworths is progressing towards a phenomenal success by adapting multi-option retailing strategy to cater to ever-changing customer demands THREATS The biggest threat to Woolworths is the growing competition in the market Another setback is provided by the government intervention that is severely affecting the growth of Woolworths especially within Australian retail. Fig: SWOT analysis of Woolworths (Woolworths Online 2017) Customers: The customer base of the Aussie retail giant Woolworth is widespread showing the companys impressive grasp at the market. The company sells products catering to every age group ranging from grocery to stationary to magazines and DVDs (Das Nair and Dube 2015). The variety and quality provided by the company has captivated the consumers and attractive schemes and deals thee company releases further enhances consumer loyalty. Collaborators: The overwhelming success of the retail chains are the direct outcome of the perfectly timed diversifications and collaborations. Aussie retail giant Woolworth has a long list of collaborators as well. The company has set a new bar in customer satisfaction by their websites and efficient online selling services (Mialain et al. 2015). Competitors: The chief competitors of Woolworths would be the other retail giant dominating the Australian market, Coles. Coles is the supermarket chain that has been conquered by the Wesfarmers in the last decade and ever since their grasp on the market has escalated and that has posed a significant threat to the Woolies (Greenland 2013). Both the supermarkets sell very similar range of products and the quality standards are not very different either. Apart from that, supermarkets like Walmart, Target, TESCO contribute to the growing competition in the retail market. Challenges to Overcome: Woolworth has been in the retail marketing for a number of decades and undoubtedly has constructed a stable position for itself in the market. However the growing competition has left the company looking for ways to retains its market popularity (Cant, Wiid and Sephapo 2016). Despite the fact that the company has accomplished being enlisted in the top 10 list of Australian retail companies, it still has a few challenges to overcome: Due to the growing competition and the online shopping boom the retail chains are rapidly losing their customer base. The company needs to focus on regaining the momentum in Aussie food market by focusing on the initiatives that can improve the customer satisfaction and loyalty (Phillipiaov 2014). The company launches a range of novel brands every year, and the company needs to focus on a stronger promotion campaigning for the new ranges. According to the directorial board the customers have always responded well to their new ranges and Woolworths is focusing on the long term growth in fragmented markets (Mortimer and Ingersoll 2015). The best method to reacquire the domination in the retail marketing and defeat the customer inclinations towards online shopping is attracting the customers by discounts. The online selling websites provide impressive discounts to the customers and the supermarkets chains should focus on frequent discount deals to recapture the market (Bailey and Bailey 2016). Woolworth needs to accelerate its lean retail market in order to compete with the new environments, the supermarket has always had an efficient low cost foundations to cater to all customer segments. The company can positively implement a multi- channel approach to facilitate central cost out programs (Ariyawardana and Collins 2013). The major setback in the super market business is the government interventions n price hike. There are many instances where a supermarket chain had to brave a huge loss due to government ban on price hikes that inevitably lowered the consumer loyalty and satisfaction. The best way to avoid such restrictions is to incorporate efficient monitoring that restricts frequent price hikes and further improving their cost effective packaging program by their Zero waste policy (Trevena et al. 2014) Woolworth have always been famous in providing quality with variety, incorporating global brands with local brands and phantom brands. However selling phantom brands can eventually cause bigger problems for their overall marketing. Studies suggest that phantom brands and local products sold under the thumb of the Woolworth name causes irritation and confusion in the customers (Trevena et al. 2014). Hence the company has to construct better marketing and promotion strategies for the phantom brands. Lastly, online marketing is the ultimate modern age tool to captivate the consumers of all age. The company should strengthen their social media marketing along with electronic media marketing to ensure a better grasp at the consumer market. Conclusion: A strategic analysis of Woolworths was carried out for viewing the access of the strategies that have been adopted. Woolworths always focuses on attainment of the high level of growth on the basis of its performance. The strong commitment towards its employees and its customers is the main support for its growth. The factors like influence by the government, the changing pattern of the society and the upcoming trend by the customers and the unfavorable economic conditions including the competitive business environmental situations affects the strategies and the development of the company in a negative manner. These factors are the analysis of the environment that is suffered by Woolworths. However, these analyses are the indication of the growth factor internally that have a proper potentials of the development of the company. Recommendation: Based the overall strategies, the listed recommendations are considered essential: Woolworths must focus on framing its strategies in a consistent manner with the political situations as well as the condition established across the country. It must aim on innovating the particular strategies to improve their performance The social trends of the consumers that show the high dynamism that can be considered as one of the important strategy for the growth of the company. The recommendation also focuses on the further improvement of the support of the high skilled employees by additional development mechanism and the training programs for the customers. References Ariyawardana, A. and Collins, R., 2013. Balancing industry needs against global competitiveness: a challenge for the Australian vegetable industry.Outlook on AGRICULTURE,42(3), pp.155-161. Arli, V., Dylke, S., Burgess, R., Campus, R. and Soldo, E., 2013. Woolworths Australia and Walmart US: Best practices in supply chain collaboration. Journal of Economics, Business Accountancy Ventura, 16(1). (2017). Woolworths announces new strategies to win over grocery shoppers, AFN reveals full detail | Australian Food News. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Feb. 2017]. 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